A Customer who uses the services of Premium Transfers and Tours, fully accepts these terms and conditions by signing the order or contract, or placing an order online via website. Confirming an order declares explicit consent to these terms and conditions to which the order or shipping contract refers. A Customer who disagrees with these Terms and Conditions is not entitled to enter into any contract with the Company or to place an order through the Company’s website.


These Terms and Conditions are processed in accordance with the relevant provisions Moroccan Authority.


1: Basic terms:

1.1        The Company – Premium Transfers and Tours

1.2        The Customer – a person or a company that uses the Company’s services on the basis of an order or contract, subject to these business terms and conditions.

1.3        Terms and Conditions – the conditions under which the Company provides its transportation or travel services to the Customer

1.4        The Service/Transportation – the actual transport or brokering of Transportation, travel services, or other Customer services, performed or mediated by the Company.

1.5        The Driver/Service representative–is an employee of Premium Transfers and Tours.


2: Guarantee of compensation; liability for damage:

2.1       The Company is liable to the Customer for any damage or inconvenience in the event of the Company or its employee directly or indirectly causing the damage. In case of mediation of the carriage of the Customer by another carrier, the carrier is liable for the damage caused by them performing the carriage and the Customer accepts their carriage service by boarding their vehicle.

2.2.      The Customer takes into consideration that he has no liability claims in these events:

There was a delay during the Transportation, whether initially during the arrival of the Customer, or in the actual course of transport, due to force majeure. Force majeure is defined as an intervention of a natural disaster, weather, weather conditions, a car accident not caused by the Company’s driver or a driver of an intermediary carrier, road congestion caused by road repairs or other communications, or delay caused by government or administrative intervention – police officers, etc.

There has been a delay in Transportation due to the Customer or another ordering party (travel agent, hotel, tour operator, etc.), for example by not arriving at the agreed time at the agreed place.

There has been damage done to the property of the Customer or to his health resulting from a traffic accident not caused by the Company’s driver.

There has been damage done to the property of the Customer or to his health or life due to any maneuver that the driver was forced to undertake during transport in order to prevent greater damage or consequences, such as the need for sudden braking due to the situation on the road, sharp detours and skidding, where, unless proved otherwise, such a maneuver is considered necessary, for instance, for avoiding a collision with an animal, man, or other vehicle on the road, etc.

There has been damage done due to the obliviousness of the Customer or another ordering party (for example, forgetting to put baggage into the trunk or forgetting to unload it, loss of small items or cash during carriage, etc.).


3: Accident or Loss:
Please take care of all personal property. Premium Transfers and Tours will not be liable for any theft, loss damage, delay, inconvenience, direct or consequential loss, however caused, unless due to negligence by Premium Transfers and Tours, in which case our liability is limited (except for death or personal injury) for damages to a maximum of the refund of the ticket price.

4: Personal Safety:
Each Customer is responsible for maintaining their safety at all times. By agreeing to take part on the Transfers or Tours, all Customers are agreeing to listen to the safety instructions given by the Guide and to exercise due care and attention whilst walking.

4: Prices
The prices appearing on the website are the current rates and can change with no prior notice. Once a Customer has booked a Transfer or Tour with Premium Transfers and Tours, the Customer will not be required to pay any difference in the event of a price increase or decrease, and Premium Transfers and Tours will not refund the balance of any price reduction.

5: Method of payment for the return journey:

If a reservation includes a return trip or a greater number of trips, the Customer may pay the total amount one time in advance or onto the first service with the company, the company’s driver or service representative, booking department will issue a receipt.

6: Changes to existing bookings:
It is not possible to make changes to existing bookings, unless Premium Transfers and Tours receives notification 12 hours and the customer receives a confirmation from the company in advance prior pick up time, in writing, to [email protected]

7: Deposit requirement:

For orders where the Company may request a deposit to be paid In such cases, the customer will pay the balance in cash at the beginning or the end of Transfer or Tour, If the required deposit is not paid, the Company has the right to cancel the order without a refund.

 8: Payment:

8.1  In cash

When paying a transfer or other service in cash, the driver or representative of the Company accepts only Moroccan Dirhams (Mad) and currencies that are optional during the booking process, i.e. British pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), US dollars (USD). Payments in cash in foreign currency are based on the current exchange rate of the Moroccan Dirhams on the day of the pickup, determined by the Company, not on the rate that was current on the day of booking.

8.2    By credit card

If the Customer pays by a debit or credit card online, it is possible to make payments in the following currencies – MAD, EUR, GBP and USD. If the Customer pays directly to the driver or Company representative, it is possible to make a payment only in MAD and only by cards whose logos are displayed on the Company’s website. If the Customer pays online in advance, the driver or a representative of the Company is informed of the payment

8.3    Bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer (by invoice) is only possible upon request or when the Company has allowed this payment option exclusively in the case of the particular Customer. The Company may require payment of an advance before the order is executed, otherwise it is entitled to cancel the order. Invoices can only be issued in the following currencies – MAD, EUR, USD or GBP.

9: Cancellation Policy:

Up to 12 Hours prior departure time, you can request a date change free of charge.

If you cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled pick up, there is no cancellation fee.

If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled pick up, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

10: Cancellations by Premium Transfers and Tours:
In the unlikely event of a tour being canceled, we will offer an alternative tour date or refund.

11: Refunds:

If the Customer cancels a prepaid online service and is entitled to a refund, the money will be automatically returned to the card (or account) that was used to pay the order. Otherwise, any refund claims must be submitted within 30 days in writing or by e-mail, to the address or email address of the Company. Upon expiry of this period, the Customer no longer has any claim for a refund or compensation

Terms and Conditions Validity:

These Terms and Conditions are valid for an indefinite period starting from January 15, 2022. In the event of changes to these Terms and Conditions, which are reserved by the Company, the Customer is bound by the Terms and Conditions in the version valid at the time the contract was signed.


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